Your Multicultural, Multilingual Resource

Explore how you, your family and your organization can gain knowledge and expertise and strengthen the skills and competencies needed to thrive in today’s global world.  

Who We Are

As speakers of multiple languages who have built families and careers outside of our home countries, we understand the advantages and challenges of living and working in a second language and culture. Our firsthand experiences, our cross-cultural expertise, and our multilingualism form the base of our work. Through our coaching and training programs, we offer you a complete toolkit to break down barriers and build bridges by strengthening your cultural integration and communication skills.

What We Do

For Organizations

We support individuals, teams and entire sites to strengthen their global communication and leadership skills through in-person and online training programs. 

We strongly believe that individuals and teams are more effective when they possess both the insights and the tools needed to be successful in a global workplace.  

For Individuals

We work closely with young professionals, managers and executives working in their second language to ensure they are equipped with techniques and strategies to thrive at work and in their careers. 

These personalized coaching programs empower our clients to communicate and lead with confidence.

For Families

We provide bilingual/bicultural families and third culture kids with an educational roadmap based on their unique needs.  

From navigating unfamiliar education systems to understanding the college application process, we work in partnership with families to ensure their children have the skills to make the right choices for their future.

How We Work

Understanding the background, culture, and values of each organization, individual, and family we work with is instrumental to our process. Each training and coaching program we design is customized to our clients who have entrusted us to support them. 

At the start of each program, we design a plan based around your goals and then build resources that ensure steady progress. Then, we work together based on a timeframe and pace that works for you. We complete the training when you feel ready — and we follow up to make sure you’ve achieved your goals.

Where to Start

We regularly upload new resources on topics we’re passionate about, ranging from developing a bilingual/bicultural mindset to communicating with difficult people. 

For those interested in learning more about our training and coaching programs, send us a note and we’ll be in touch.