What’s In Your Global Survival Kit? (Part 1)

When any of us embark on a new adventure, we do our best to prepare beforehand. We learn more about our destination, we get our gear ready and then take the plunge. Yet, once we start experiencing our new adventure, we often realize we’re missing vital equipment that would make things much easier. That’s exactly how so many of us feel when we begin working globally, either in our second language/culture or with people from different cultures and backgrounds. If only we had the right tools from the beginning, life would be so much easier…

And that’s precisely why I created the “Global Survival Kit,” because I wanted to feel prepared for any situation, from mediating a cross-cultural conflict to negotiating with officials from multiple countries. I learned so much from each of these intercultural experiences, especially from the communication breakdowns that occur too frequently, but at the same time I felt that there was a better way than trial-and-error. After a decade of training and coaching clients from around the world, I have seen the difference that preparation makes. This toolkit breaks down the barriers to effective communication, so you have exactly what you need as you navigate this beautifully complex global world.

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