Our Philosophy

MCML’s Unique Approach to the Learning Process

1)  An approach based on science in combination with real world experience

  • We use several years of research in cognitive science and linguistics to form the basis of our training and teaching programs
  • We explain these concepts to all our clients so they understand why they are using certain phrases or expressions
  • We rely on our many years of business experience to provide a real-world setting to ensure that our clients can use what they learned from the very next day


2) An approach based on a fundamental understanding of languages and cultures

  • We use several years of research and experience in cross-cultural psychology and linguistics to understand the fundamentals of each of our client’s backgrounds
  • We work with our clients from the point of understanding their culture to assist them in transitioning smoothly to an English-based culture
  • We provide each of our client’s practical techniques and skills they can use to successfully navigate this new environment


3)  An approach based on the solid analysis of linguistic differences

  • We use the knowledge gained from becoming a multilingual speaker as well as the several years spent living abroad to fundamentally understand  fundamental linguistic differences
  • We provide an in-depth analysis of the differences in pronunciation and voice to train clients to create an “English voice” separate from their first language
  • We highlight and emphasize those areas that are most difficult for each client depending on their first language and explain why and how to overcome these challenging aspects of the language


4) An approach based on the needs of the members of the international community

  • We work with our clients to develop a time frame and schedule that suits their needs so that they can continue working on a consistent basis
  • We provide a “cognitive learning profile” to our clients so that they can understand their learning styles to progress more and adapt more quickly to an English mindset
  • We focus on each client’s needs and develop a specialized plan specifically for them that targets their needs, and fully utilizes their cognitive learning style for success.