Our Story

MCML Consulting began with a single family from Asia. They arrived in the U.S. without the skills and knowledge required to successfully adapt to the new culture. This family required a wide range of advice from where to shop to how to enroll their children in school at the appropriate grade level. MCML was available to provide the assistance needed to assure a smooth transition. A business was born that continues to expand and serve the needs of the international community of Boston. The foundation of MCML is built on the expertise of its founder, a multilingual cross-cultural expert with knowledge acquired from living in Europe and Asia for more than ten years. Her personal experience offers a unique perspective on the myriad of relocation issues facing international families.

Each instructor and advisor at MCML shares the founder’s philosophy that is based on mentoring and long-term progress throughout the entire acculturation process. We work closely with corporations, schools and families to ensure the highest level of client confidence in language and cultural skills. A steady stream of referrals is tangible proof that this “commitment to client” succeeds. Individuals in every field need a strong support system to thrive and reach their full potential in a new environment. At MCML, we cultivate an atmosphere that enhances personal development and creates long-term success.