Our Mission

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Our mission is a very personal one — provide people and organizations with the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed in a multicultural and multilingual world. We live this mission every day in our own lives as bilingual and bicultural individuals. The tools and techniques we design and the strategies and expertise we provide our clients are based our own experiences of facing similar challenges in our careers. We applied the lessons learned in our own struggles and victories to build the invaluable toolkit we now offer our clients. By equipping people with the expertise and techniques they need to succeed, we play our part in realizing the potential of each individual and organization.

Our Story

Meet MCML founder Kerianne Panos

Following a decade of living and working in East Asia, I returned home to my Boston roots, only to discover that I felt like a fish out of water. In hopes of connecting with other people experiencing the same thing, I began working with international professionals who felt that their communication skills held them back. The stories I heard convinced me to start my own organization dedicated to supporting these talented individuals. Over the past 10 years, it has been so rewarding to watch over 200 of my clients, who range from professional baseball players to CEOs, harness the strength of their diversity to achieve their goals.

In March 2018, my mission took on even more importance with the addition of a new member to our family and to the world. My son is my beacon — he casts light out into the world, and just with his smile, connects people of all backgrounds. Now more than ever, I see myself and my collaborators as bridges and connectors. I’m grateful that our experiences and expertise enable us to support so many members of the international community, from leaders of 1000+ people organizations to tiny multilingual humans. It is an honor and a privilege to be both a global advocate and a mum.

– Kerianne

Our Collaborators

Bilingual/Bicultural Specialists


Bilingual Educator and College Counseling Support for International Families

Eriko Nishimoto

Open Innovation Expert and Global Business Strategist


Global Leadership and Cultural Competency Development Coach and Bilingual Facilitator (E/J)


Female Leadership and Empowerment Trainer and “Miracle Note” Creator

Our Collaborators

Bilingual/Bicultural Educators


Languages: Japanese, English
ESL Instructor and Tutor
Seasoned Japanese-English Translator


Languages: English, French, Haitian-Creole, Spanish
ESL Instructor and Tutor Special Educational Specialist

Interested in Our Work?

We really enjoy collaborating with bilingual and bicultural professionals who are dedicated to supporting global organizations, international professionals and multicultural families. 

Our Clients

Partnerships are the Cornerstone of our Work

We are fortunate to work with amazing people from around the world, from young international professionals to seasoned global leaders.  Our focus on building strong relationships and trust with our clients leads to greater progress and overall satisfaction.  The heart of our work — the connection we develop with each organization, group and individual — enables us to develop longer-term partnerships with our clients, some of whom are highlighted below.  




Information Development
NTT Data


Prudential Financial
Wellington Management


METI (Japan)
MoFA (Japan)
MoFA (Korea)


Keio Business School
MIT Media Lab
Tufts Fletcher