Our Work with Global and Multicultural Organizations

We have experienced firsthand the challenges that global and multicultural organizations face. We bring together cross-site and global teams through customized training programs targeted at improving communication and performance. We also work on an individual level with international executives, managers and associates to take their careers to the next level.



Advancing Careers Through Targeted Communication Training

Developed specifically for professionals working in their second language, this training equips managers and associates with both the leadership mindset and communication skill set needed to take their career to the next level in their organization.


Developing High-Performing Global and Cross-Site Teams

Created for organizations with a strong presence in North America, Europe and Asia, this training provides insights into how language and culture shape workplaces, and then provides strategies to build stronger relationships and fully integrated global teams.

Leveraging Cognitive Diversity

Leveraging Cognitive Diversity to Promote Organizational Change

Designed for organizations planning to increase their international presence and workforce, this training unlocks the creative potential of existing teams by visualizing the diverse approaches available to address and solve completely new organizational challenges.

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Our Work with International Professionals

We understand how challenging it is to build a successful career in your second language and culture. Our unique approach combines an in-depth understanding of how a person's environment, culture and language shape their communication and workstyle. Working with you, we develop personalized strategies to overcome these hurdles and provide insights on how to use both of your languages/cultures to your personal and professional advantage.



Starting Out on the Trail

Career Development for Young Professionals

Combining both career and communication skill development, this customized coaching program provides young professionals and graduate students with the tools they need to successfully launch a career that fully utilizes their bilingual/bicultural background.


Carving out your Path

Career Advancement for Mid-Career Professionals

Building on previous work experience and deepening knowledge of how organizations function, this customized coaching program provides experienced professionals with the key bilingual leadership skills they will need to take their career to the next level.



Leadership Development for Technical Professionals

Incorporating expertise in managing global teams with advanced communication skills, this customized coaching program provides managers and executives with the expertise to lead multinational and cross-site teams with intercultural competency.

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Our Work with International Families

While there are so many advantages to being bilingual and bicultural, international families face a unique set of challenges when transitioning to an unfamiliar education system or looking into their higher education options. The support and guidance we provide our families enables them to more effectively communicate at home, to better advocate for their child at school, and to plan for their child's next steps.



Higher Education Advising for Bilingual and Bicultural Students

Beyond which major and type of school, our international students also need to consider which country and what language during their college search. We guide our students through their options and work with them to develop a plan that matches their needs so that they feel confident making this important life decision.


Academic and Cultural Advising for International Families

Apart from class participation and homework completion, our international students need to navigate life between two or more languages and cultures. We work with the entire family by providing key background information on educational expectations and cultural assumptions and strategies to balance both worlds.


Intercultural Advising for Schools with International Students

In addition to their regular classroom instruction, educators of international students need to consider how a student's language and educational background impacts their academic performance. We partner with schools to provide training on global education systems and how they impact students' learning styles and classroom participation.

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